Internal documentation for DeAgostini

The internal documentation for DeAgostini
DeAgostini is the world leader in collectibles.
Read the dedicated case study to understand how and why I'm helping them, by creating the internal documentation.
Here's how I'm helping them:

The CMS documentation

They developed internally a CMS from scratch because there were no market solutions that could satisfy 100% their needs.
So, I documented:
  • The architecture.
  • The dashboard management.
  • What are the pages and how to manage the content.
  • How to manage the products inside the pages.
  • How to publish the content.
This documentation has been developed having in my the end user that, in their case, is mainly the Marketing Team. In other words, they developed the CMS from scratch so that the Marketing Team has custom software to advertise their products.

Responsys documentation

They use Responsys to create marketing automation campaigns.
Responsys has good documentation, but it's mainly feature-oriented and lacks use cases, so I documented how the end users, that is the Marketing Team, can use it to:
  • Create email campaigns.
  • Create programs to automate the email campaigns.
Here's how I documented it:

Getting started with Responsys

I documented:
  • How to log in to Responsys.
  • The process behind automated email campaigns that is creating:
    • The email, per country.
    • The automation program.

Managing campaigns

I documented:
  • How to create a new email campaign.
  • How to fill in the fields, in a standardized way.
  • The auto-checks to control (they have to verify that some boxes are automatically checked).

Managing automations

I documented:
  • How to create a new automation program and what documentation to read from the Responsys website.
  • A standardized way to show how the tens of active programs work (the details of how they work have been done by DeAgostini: I gave them a standard on how to document them and how to modify the workflow to standardize the ones that were not standardized).

Jira documentation

I documented:
  • How to log in to the internal ticketing platform.
The internal ticketing platform.
  • How to choose between an Incident Report, a Feature or Service Request, or a Customer Incident Report.
  • How to fill in all the requested fields in a standardized way, to improve the communication between internal departments. For example, we decided how and when users have to define if a task is urgent or not, for every kind of request.