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My best articles on Python and Machine Learning
My articles focus on Python programming, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
In this section, you find:

My best Medium articles

With tens of published articles, I'm contributing as a writer on Medium, particularly with the established Towards Data Science website.
I have published articles about various topics, including Python programming, statistical concepts for Data Scientists, Machine Learning, technology, and programming in general.
Read a selected list of my best articles here.

My guest articles

I'm contributing to writing for different the following established websites.

Stack Abuse

Stack Abuse is a firm that helps developers through programming tutorials and courses.
Read all my contributions here.


Codemotion is an Italian firm that helps developers grow.
Read all my contributions to the English magazine here and to the Italian magazine here (the articles in Spanish have been translated by the Codemotion staff).

Butler Scientifics

Here's my contribution to Butler Scientifics, a Spanish firm developing AutoDiscovery, a software that automates the discovery phase when analyzing data:

Repurposed and translated articles

I'm honored that some of my Medium articles have been translated into other languages or repurposed on other websites.

Translates articles

Planeta ChatBot translated into Spanish and published on their website some of the articles I wrote for Towards Data Science.
Read all of them here.

Repurposed articles

KDnuggets repurposed some of the articles I wrote on Towards Data Science.
Read them here.