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Writing Standards I Implement

Describing the standard I implement in technical writing
Technical writing is not just a matter of documenting for the sake of tracking up stuff and methodologies.
The core of the job is to implement standards so that the objective audience can easily navigate through the documentation to solve their tasks using software.
This section describes the standard I implement in companies when writing documentation for them. We could call it: my standard writing style guide.
NOTE: I'm migrating this section here from a private repo, so it's currently not 100% complete!

Writing style guide

Recommended design practices, common mistakes to avoid, rules for everyday punctuation, grammar, and sources of information for the less common cases.
The objective of this writing style guide is to help companies communicate information in a clear, transparent fashion, and to facilitate consistency in tone and delivery. I write documentation for different companies for a variety of audiences, across multiple geographies and with very different skill sets and these are the standards I implement in companies, and share with their teams.
NOTE: This document is freely inspired by the Red Hat Technical Writing Style Guide​
Table of contents:
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    ​Overall design​